San Priamo
Sardegna, Italia
Watch it in the gallery...
Australia - The water and the whales

A few minutes of Down Under, with whale watching and being watched by whales
The water and the whales
Getting seasick from the visual effects? You can choose:
No waves Stop swimming
Hide boing Hide lifesaver
The sign above is from the original Nick’s Burger and Pizza Joint on 77th street, NYC, which closed due to an unaffordable increase in the rent.
A few samples from the works of artist Walter Gerstung in Fürth, Germany can be seen in this gallery.
boing80 I grew up in New York City, moved to Germany several years ago, and have a 2nd home on the island of Sardinia, Italy. I created the pink red boing creature in the 1970’s and its animations for the web site later. Regards, Henry V.